D2nc allows a machine operator to describe almost any shape and then generate G-code directly integrated to the Mach3 machine controller. Its efficiency and speed in the workflow is unmatched by any product, even those costing thousands of dollars.

The concept behind D2nc is using a simple Shape Description Language (SDL) to describe a shape. The shape is processed using machine, material and tool constraints to produce a tool path in G-code. There are only a few basic commands in the SDL which have the power to describe almost any shape. The full SDL definition can be found in the documentation

Another way to create the geometry is to import or extract the shapes from DXF files and then generate the G-code from there. Whether shapes are described in SDL or imported from DXF, D2nc will help you generate G-code quickly and efficiently.

D2nc works for Mill only.

Take a look at the Screencam Videos which show the basics as well as more advanced topics which include using 4th axis, wizards and DXF importing.

D2nc can be used as a standalone program or launched from a button within Mach3.

Mach3 is a machine control program created by Art Fenerty. www.artofcnc.ca

D2nc will generate and transfer G-code directly to Mach3 ready to be machined.